• The Complacent Class

    • What do you know about disruption?
    • D3 widgets and short piece based on Tyler Cowen’s The Complacent Class. Inspired by NYT’s You Draw It series.
  • Materialize Jekyll Theme

    • An open-source, minimalist, and responsive Jekyll blog styled using Materialize CSS.
  • Garden of Forking Paths

    • Explosive maze generator and game.
    • Built with JavaScript, Matter.js, HTML5, CSS3, and Canvas.
  • Freedm

    • Click on a Cell. Press play. Experience Freedm.
    • Music sequencer built with React, Redux, and Howler.js.
  • Shmasana

    • Full-stack, single-page project management application inspired by Asana.
    • Built with Rails, postgres, React, and Redux.
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